Engaging individuals with chronic & lifestyle conditions.

Denovonow partners with employers and health care organizations to promote healthy activities and outcomes.

What is Denovonow?

A digital engagement platform that helps drive individuals to take sustained action towards better health and wellness. Denovonow uses design thinking to make performing healthy activities easy, enjoyable and rewarding.

Our solutions offer

  • A suite of digital tools

    iOS and Android apps as well as seamless web based access that are engineered to break the barriers for users that need help and motivation to act. Fully HIPAA compliant and highly secure technology built on flexible and scalable architecture

  • Condition Specific Strategies

    Configurable experiences for targeted chronic and lifestyle conditions including diabetes, cardio-vascular disease, arthritis, dental conditions, glaucoma and mental health. Content and incentives are tailored to drive actions that are proven to improve outcomes specific to each condition.

  • Delivered through sponsorship

    Incentives are aligned between sponsors and targeted users with proven ROI and economic benefits. Employees and customers are enabled to take proactive ownership of their health outcomes while employers and health care sponsors can demonstrate how they truly care.

Our Approach

  • Track

    Denovonow makes it easy to track behaviors with convenient online and mobile tools, user friendly reminders & prompts.

  • Earn

    While making progress towards desired goals and objectives is a reward in itself, using points for tangible rewards makes it vastly more fulfilling.

  • Know

    Staying on top of all the latest facts, research and success stories in the specific fields of health and wellness is part of the engagement platform.

  • Share

    Platform allows family & friends, co-workers or anyone else to act as a cheerleader, coach or personal trainer to help drive real change.